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    Champions League Regeln (auf englisch)

    Martin Harnik

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    Champions League Regeln (auf englisch)

    Beitrag von Martin Harnik am Di Feb 12, 2013 6:22 am

    Hier die Champions League Regeln auf Englisch:

    A./ General Rules:

    1.) Games are to be played 2x10 min (setting on game time to be set to 'None' because of added time), no score limit on RFL League v2.1 field (here is the link to download it :

    2.) No swearing/abusing other team/ref, warnings and yellow cards will be handed out by the referee if that is the case.
    3.) Each League game needs to be recorded, I suggest that both teams have a person who is recording, just in case one of the recordings gets lost.

    B./ Rooms’ creation for the official games :

    1.) League game rooms are to be created with a minimum of 12 slots to minimise lag (5 players from each team (4 players and 1 sub), one slot for host, and one spot for referee).
    Other players can wait a chat box or a Team Speak and be called at any time into the game room, however the amount of players from each team should not exceed 5 from each team.

    2.) Rooms created for league matches should not be visible to the public.
    'Show on room list' is turned to 'NO'. This is to avoid impersonators.

    3.) To further avoid impersonators, room links to league games should not be posted at any time on the chat. The room creator, should PM the respective captains of both teams, and the captains will post it in their private forums.

    4.) In a game room there should be 4 admins:
    - Captains from both teams
    - Match Referee
    - And the host of the game room.

    5.) Before starting every official game, a ping test must be done. The game will only begin when the 2 captains are agreeing that there is no handicaping lag.

    C./ Referees, and « Pausing »

    1.) 1 official referee per match. The game can’t begin if there’s no referee

    2.) REFEREE’S DECISION IS ALWAYS FINAL : even if he has made a mistake, don’t argue, just keep playing, nobody’s perfect !

    3.) The referee has the power to make calls about : throw-ins, corners et goal kicks (R, B, 6M et CK : Red throw, Blue throw, 6M, et Corner Kick) ; he also can hand out yellow or red cards

    4.) If a player contests a decision or keeps playing although the refereee has made a contrary decision (for example : if a red players makes a throw whereas the referee’s decision was « B ») : he receives a yellow card (2 yellow cards = 1 red card).

    5.) Red card = the player can’t come back in the field for this match, he can be replaced by an other player after 5 minutes only (like in handball for the ones who know) ; it’s an important sanction, the player has to deserve it.
    If a team can’t replace a player who has received a red card, it finishes 3v4, even 2v4 if it’s necessary.
    The player who receives a red card will also receive an automatic 1 game suspension by the disciplinary hearing (for the next game), and possibly more game suspensions if he has been signaled for a bad behaviour.

    6.) When the ball goes out of the field, you have to wait for the referee’s decision to make the throw (when it’s hard to decide).

    7.) Please limit the amount of chat in-game as it disturbs the players, but also makes it hard for them to see the referees decisions.

    8.) Pausing may only be done by the referees.

    9.) Fair play policy is decided mutually between both teams and the ref as the mediator, since it is the ref who allows it, this should count to be his final decision. But there’s no rule that force a team to be fair-play after a freeze.

    D./ Substitutions :

    1.) If a team wants a sub, then they should write in the chat 'SUB' The referee will then pause the game when the ball is out for a corner kick, goal kick or one of the teams has scored a goal. NOTE: SUBS ARE NOT ALLOWED IN OPEN PLAY OR AT THROW INS
    2.) If a player is disconnected for some reason then the ref will pause right away and allow a sub to happen.

    3.) You can only make 2 substitutions during open play, and subsitutions are unlimited during half-time

    E./ Game rules :

    1.) No offside.

    2.) Goal Kicks : all the players of the 2 teams must be outside of the box ; if not : warning or surely yellow card (except if it’s not intentional).

    3.) The ball is out of the field when it has completely passed the line

    4.) Throw-ins : All opposing players should be a reasonable distance away from the throw on. If the referee is not happy with the distance, he will warn the opposing players, if they decide to stay there, a yellow card will be dished out.

    5.) To take a throw :
    - The ball should be stopped,
    - The throw should be taken at the place the ball has reached the line
    - the ball has to be kicked before it reaches the side line
    - don’t waste too much time (5 seconds maximum)
    => if these rules are not respected : throw-in is given to the opposite team

    6.) Corners : The opposing players should be in the box ; if not : yellow card

    7.) - During a throw, if the ball doesn’t enter in the field : throw-in is given to the opposite team
    - During a corner kick, if the ball doesn’t enter in the field : Goal Kick given to the opposite team.

    8.) It’s forbidden for someone to take a throw for oneself ; sanction : throw in given to the opposite team
    It’s also forbidden for the player kicking the corner to enter in the field before the ball enters in it ; sanction : goal kick given to the opposite team + yellow card given to player kicking the corner (foul play)

    9.) Time wasting is not allowed, and if the referee considers a player to be time wasting, he/she will receive a warning, and then a yellow card, if it continues.

    F./ Extra Time

    1.) A Referee is allowed to add extra time onto the 20 minutes of regular time, this may be because of incidents that occur during the match. (Not more than 30 seconds up to 2 min should be added)

    2.) Therefore the settings for game time should be left as 'None.' The referee will pause at 10min, and if there is no time to be added the game will finish, if the referee adds on 1min, the game will finish at 11min.

    Even if we hope for great rivalries, and tight games will happen, fair-play is necessary if we want to have fun playing Real Soccer. May the best team win !

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